Train Driver Job Application Cover Letter

cover letter

Once you have completed you application form satisfactorily, you need to enclose a cover letter before you send it off.

Your cover letter should be written out in a business letter format, well typed out for a smart look and should contain the following key elements.

Your contact address.

The train operating companies contact person’s address.

Job position you are applying for.

Job reference no.

Where advertised

Indicate why you want the job.

Indicate why you think you are fit for the role.

Several cover letter formats and templates can be found on the web. If you decide to use one, make sure you provide the above listed information.

Find below a sample cover letter for guidance.

The Personnel Manager,
Central trains.
1 Cotsworld Road
SE2 8BJ.

Dear Sir,

Ref: Trainee Train Driver. Job ref: TTD 12062000

Please find enclosed my fully completed application for the job of a trainee train driver as recently advertised on your website.

I have reviewed the job vacancy role thoroughly and believe that I have the qualities you are looking for to fit into the role.

My background experience in customer service related role coupled with a sound track record in safety related job makes me a perfect candidate.

I hope you will consider my application favourably.


Yours truly,

Your signature and name here.

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